Main SEASN activities

Main SEASN activities are:

  • organizing workshops, seminars, lectures, panel discussions, symposiums, promotions and other events about current problems and issues;
  • organizing activities and educational trainings;
  • connecting interested advisors and other stakeholders to work together and implement various projects relevant to knowledge transfer in agriculture, rural areas and increase sustainability and competitiveness of the sector;
  • release of publications, manuals, brochures and flyers about the activities of the Association;
  • taking care of vocational and professional training of members by creating conditions for the improvement of professional performance;
  • proposing projects important for the region in which Association operates, as well as wider;
  • establishing cooperation with local government and regional governments, as well as with other similar associations and organizations at home and abroad;
  • other activities that could contribute to achieving the Associations objectives in accordance to the Act;
  • the overall activities of the Association should promote an understanding and adoption of ethical values through engaging advisory services in agriculture and rural areas;
  • provision of material resources and spending of funds in accordance with the regulations of the legislator;
  • cooperation with other organizations and institutions;
  • performing other tasks specified in this Statute and other regulations and rules which are of interest for advisory services in agriculture and rural areas.